Enjoying Weightloss 

How can losing weight be enjoyable? In order to win at weight management we must enjoy the victory. As a person of very limited mobility, I have a harder way to go than many. However I have learned many ways to win at weightloss and the victory is all in my head. Rapid results are the best way to get excited about weightloss. I can lose a pound per day any time I need to. And I enjoy the win.

I find myself choosing my meals based on one phrase: “I’m enjoying my weight more than I would enjoy that whatever “. I also say “no thanks that’s not worth the calories.” So in other words I ‘m on a roll and I don’t want to mess up my victory.  Before I found a scale that would be able to weigh me which attaches to my electric lift, my weight was unknown but I could see that I was way overweight for me. I figured out what it would take to lose rapidly by reading Three Week Diet  by Brian Flatt . 
and when I was off and running with success, I finally got my doctor to write a prescription for a special scale. I had already lost 20-30 pounds over months before that and found I was still 140 pounds. I had weighed about 160 at my worst. My normal weight is 115. Devistated at how much I had allowed myself to gain, I buckled down to finish the job. Now I’m down to 123.3 and my goal is 120 pounds. I’m 51 years old so I think 120 is a reasonable goal. Before my accident in 1985, I was a dancer. I find that I love being thin and even if 130 would be fine, I’m a Mary Tyler Moore kind of person and some of my happiness is connected to my weight. I do not like having extra weight. The thinner I get the more self confident I am. I won’t get anorexic; I just want to feel like myself again. Write this down, say it out loud several times a day:

 I like being thin more than I like food. 

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