Weightloss Without Walking

When I realized I needed to lose weight I was horrified because I’ve never been overweight before even through carrying and birthing five children . I’ve been unable to walk for 32 years now so I was feeling like how am I going to lose weight without exercising?? By the time I reached my do-or-die place, I was so determined that it must happen, nobody was going to stop me come heaven or high water. After asking God the help me, I started to figure out how to win without walking. That information is valuable to everyone because if I can lose 50 pounds without walking, all those who can walk should be able to do it easier. It’s emotional and it’s a fight worth winning.

Other than a scale, theFitbit is the best tool I had to get a grip on weight management. The Fitbit is so  much more than a step counter. When I heard on QVC that it tells you how many calories you are burning, I knew it was what I needed to have. I got my Fitbit Blaze and immediately learned how many calories I was burning daily. Only 1300 if I live my normal life in a wheelchair. Doing the math, you see I would have to eat less than 1000 calories per day to aggressively lose weight. So I learned to choose my calories wisely and enjoy winning by low-carb, low-sugar, high protein and vegetable choices. The pounds dropped daily. A combination of calories lowered, protein shakes, increase in exercise (tell you how I did that next time) and daily bowel movements by force. Voila! Losing weight is a science. Your body must lose weight if you burn more than you eat! It’s a great feeling to feel yourself getting thinner. Just lost 5 pounds in the last week. Almost at my goal! I’m at 123.8 today and this week I might make it to 120. Life is getting easier every pound I lose.