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Thinking Thin

One thing that helped me win my weight battle was changing my image. I started identifying with Mary Tyler Moore instead of my current weight. I heard her say she was 120 pounds on one of her shows and I made that my goal. I started saying I wanted to be 120 pounds. Then the people who questioned my goal were given my justification “Mary Tyler Moore weighed 120 and I like how she looked. I think that’s the right weight for me.” I used her as my vision and kept imagining myself looking like her as my clothes began to get more loose. As much as I was enjoying my clothes getting looser, my tummy was still not looking like Mary Tyler Moore so I knew I wasn’t done. When I ate a little too much one day, at a family gathering, I’d just “fast it off” the next day. And I didn’t feel guilty about it! Fasting is healthy! Our bodies need a break from food so it can do what it needs to do. If you eat a lot of food you should skip a couple meals the next day until you get very hungry. Then I’d apply low carb meals or salad plus popcorn in the evening to get my munching fix and I lose a couple pounds! Remember if you gain 2 pounds in one day, you can lose 2 pounds in one day. Sometimes it’s just water weight but you definitely want to get on bloated and lose weight you gained.

Maintaining is that a problem when your way of life has changed while you lose. I’m not worried about gaining back on the weight because I have adjusted my eating habits to lose and I’m not going to retreat from this. I noticed that when I do have carbs and sugar, I feel like crap! It’s not just the weight it’s how much better you feel off the carbs. 

Change your image as part of your goal. Figure out who you want to look like. Maybe Mary Tyler Moore was too thin for your goal. Who is the image you want? Study how she looks walking around,  how her clothes fit.Stop looking at yourself and  engrave the image in your head and you will get there.  

Currently I’m at 122 pounds. I have been hovering between 125-128 until two weeks ago I lost 5 pounds. Now I’m hovering between 122-124. My goal is 119-121. I believe I’m lol set for maintaining but the last 3 pounds is requiring total commitment and I’m only able to lose every couple days. No carbs, no cheese, no meat, only veggies, salad, eggs ­čŹ│ and protein shakes is working now.